Our Robots

2018 – “ELLA VADER”

This year’s robot was named in dedication to our “Hi Mom” catchphrase, in reference to Darth Vader’s mom. We used 7 pneumatic cylinders that are powered by 8 air tanks at a pressure of 120 PSI to raise the main “ella-vader”. With a dual mini-CIM winch in the back this robot can raise itself up no problem at all. This robot had close to a 100% success rate in autonomous mode with it’s flexible programming.

2017 – “ART2D2”

This year’s robot was our fastest robot to date. With a four CIM motor drivetrain and an active gear manipulator, we sped around the field grabbing gears left and right. This robot uses vision processing during autonomous mode to automatically guide itself to the gear peg and successfully land our gear.


This year’s robot uses 10 inch tiller tires and a giant pneumatic cylinder. We dominated the defenses because of this, easily crossing over every obstacle. Of course, it is not complete without our scale at the end and signature “Hi Mom”.

2015 – “404 NOT FOUND”

Our robot this year is dedicated to our past FRC team – Team 404. They had made many accomplishments, but sadly disbanded. Several years later, we decided to bring back the robotics team. With completely new members, resources, and mentors, FRC Team 404 is back as Team 5546.