Our Team

We are Team 5546, known as ART, the ARGS Robotics Team. Located in Petersburg, Virginia, we participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition. We are a small team consisting of around 15-17 people, and are part of the Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology.

As a rookie team, we competed in the 2015 Virginia Regional FRC competition, and won the Rookie All-Star Award. This award allowed us to go to St. Louis, Missouri, where we participated in the FRC Championships. Being our first year as a team, we learned so much from this experience, and going to championships gave us an amazing opportunity to learn from the teams that have been doing this for years.

This year, our team participated in the Hampton Roads District Event, Central Virginia District Event, Chesapeake District Championship, and made it to the Hopper Division at the World Championship.

2021-22 Team Structure

Our team has two co-team captains and then is divided into sub teams each of which have a captain.

Team Co-Captains – Raleigh Norris (12) – rpnorris@args.us, Philip Fiden (12) – ptfiden@args.us

Build – Joshua Osborne (12) – jsosborne@args.us

Business & PR – Katie Lavender (11) – kmlavender@args.us, Coby Mattes (11) – crmattes@args.us

Safety – 

Programming – Raleigh Norris (12) – rpnorris@args.us

Scouting –